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Product Documentation – Thunderbird Mail Implementation Guide

Tools used:

MS Word 365, Snipping Tool,


The goal of this project was to create product documentation for a non-physical thing. I chose Thunderbird Mail, a free email management application formerly supported by Mozilla. I wrote the document as an introduction & implementation guide for a fictional company that will require all its employees and contractors to adapt Thunderbird Mail into their daily workflow.

I designed this document to be clear and easy to follow for readers of all technical levels, including a logical progression of topics:

  1.  Introduction, Objective and all Important Notifications the reader/employee needs upfront.
  2.  System Requirements, Installation and Setup for the application.
  3.  Email Account setup.
  4.  Visual layout with explanations for the main screen.
  5.  How to setup key features (calendar, chat, etc.).
  6.  Visual layout and explanations for the main menu.
  7.  Glossary of all technical terms.


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