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Guide – Growing Plants on the International Space Station

Tools used:

MS Word 365,

Online Research

    • NASA website
    • Project press releases available to the public (documents, official Youtube videos, project team interviews)
    • Flickr (official project image gallery)

Most of this project was done using MS Word 365. I have used to make the taxonomy map and the "Process Roadmap" flowchart.


This project is a complete guide, aimed at grade 12+ science students. The goal was to combine various technical elements into a single, robust document on a complicated topic and make it accessible to a specific audience.

I have included:

    • A process - overall explanation of space crop harvesting and how it fits into NASA future space exploration goals.
    • A procedure -  a step-by-step guide to growing and harvesting crops on the International Space Station, including images.
    • A glossary - list of definitions to various scientific terms the audience may not know or will need to refer back to.
    • A taxonomy map - a list of past and future crop experiments separated into an easy-to-follow, visual reference page.


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