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About Me:


I enjoy the process of building documents, either creatively as a storyteller or technically with a specific purpose in mind.


I have a keen eye for finding the pathways in which parts of a document connect to serve (or work against) the purpose of the document and how to fix them.


I strive to optimize text. I believe that every document is a puzzle that can be solved when it reaches its ideal form.


I love digging for information, learning new concepts, and mastering new software.



I have a wide area of interests, ranging from computers and science to creative and technical writing, even branching off into culinary arts and gardening.


I love all forms of text and language (both as a writer and a reader), but I especially enjoy making software documentation, process documentation, product documentation and SOPs.


Please have a look in the portfolio section for samples of my work on various topics.

Core Education:

George Brown College
Certificate of Completion
Technical Communications
International Software Testing Qualifications Board
Tester, Foundation Level Certificate
York University
BA with Honors
Professional Writing (Business Communications)

Additional Education:

UI/UX Design

Fundamentals of Technical Writing

Advanced Microsoft Excel 2019


Document planning and design
Document optimization
Editing, proofreading, and streamlining of content
Research and gathering of product knowledge
Learning and adapting new software
Specific audience/persona research and targeting
Processing complex ideas into simple, clear language
Working in teams